Resolutions of the shareholder disputes under Turkish legislation
As per the Turkish Commercial Code (“TCC”), there are 2 primary types of Companies. These are, Joint Stock Company “Anonim Şirket” and Limited Liability Companies “Limited Şirket”. There are also 2 other Company types which, in practice, are not commonly seen or established. These are Collective Companies “Kollektif Şirket” and Commandite Companies “Komandit Şirket”
Tax regime for investors in Turkiye
For foreign investors, Türkiye has always been a desirable country, ripe for lucrative investments in its industry, agriculture, real – estate and technology and textile markets. These bountiful markets to invest, combined with the competitive currency exchange rates allow more investors to invest in Türkiye, especially in energy, petrochemicals, banking and real – estate markets.
Purchasing a real estate property in Turkiye Procedure, taxation and legal protection
Foreign individuals may obtain real – estate properties in Türkiye, subject to certain regulations and limitations. Although there are certain additional procedures for a foreign individual to obtain a real – estate property, compared to a Turkish citizen, foreign investors will enjoy the same tax regime and legal protection Turkish citizens are subject to
The first offline meeting of the “Banking & Finance” Committee in Uzbekistan
From May 16th to 18th, the city of Samarkand hosted the annual meeting and business forum of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), attracting representatives from various countries. The main objective of the event was to engage in discussions on critical matters related to economic development and investments.
GRATA International assisted in preparation of the EBRD Transition Report
GRATA International assisted European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in preparation of the EBRD Transition Report on the legal and regulatory framework of state-owned companies across the EBRD regions.
GRATA International in Turkey
Considering active economic cooperation between Turkey and CIS countries, GRATA International pays special attention to making its positions in Turkey even stronger. In line with this strategy, we are reinforcing our international team with the addition of Baspinar & Partners law firm as our associate office.