Doing Business In UAE
Business as we know it can be traced back 3000 years to India and China, where companies with structures resembling sole proprietorship, partnerships and corporation. At this time, they began entering into contracts and owning property, essentially, setting up the basic frameworks of business that we use today.
GRATA International attended the Astana International Forum 
On June 8-9, the Astana International Forum took place in Astana. The two-day event brought together the representatives from different countries, among which high-level delegates from foreign governments, international organizations (WTO, UNESCO, IMF, etc.), businesses who are working to find solutions to global challenges and promote peace and dialogue to maintain development and progress.
B2B meeting with Partners from Dubai office of GRATA International
Are you interested in opening and operating a business in UAE?
We invite you to B2B in-person meetings with Partners of GRATA International UAE office to create connections and to address your questions about legal aspects of doing business in the region.
GRATA International will participate in the Astana Finance Days
On June 7, 2023, the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) is organized the upcoming Astana Finance Days (AFD) 2023, which will take place  at the AIFC in the offline format. 
GRATA International will participate in the Astana International Forum
The Astana International Forum is scheduled to take place in Astana on June 8-9, 2023.
GRATA International in the United Arab Emirates
GRATA International is happy to announce that Mai Alfalasi Advocates and Legal Consultancy (MAAF Legal) joins GRATA International as an associated office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Managing Partner
Dubai, UAE