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Empowerment of the State Revenue Committee
As of today, state revenue authorities use the National Bank's information system for conducting currency control. However, there are plans to develop a separate information system specifically for them
How foreign investors can alienate a share in a Belarusian entity?
Issues of sanctions and countersanctions have been one of the main topics for discussion during the last 3 years. Belarus followed Russia and adopted the list of so called “unfriendly states” by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus "On the List of Foreign States Committing Unfriendly Acts against Belarusian Legal entities and/or Individuals"N209 dated 06.04.2022.
Legal and Regulatory Considerations for launching a Biometric Authentication Service in Moldova
Biometric authentication, a method of utilizing unique physical characteristics to verify one's identity, has seen growing adoption in various sectors, with significant implications for financial services. In this article, we delve into the legal and regulatory landscape surrounding the introduction of a Biometric Authentication Service in the Republic of Moldova
The main changes in the financial legislation of Kazakhstan in January - May 2023
At the beginning of the 2023, the process of making important amendments to the financial legislation of Kazakhstan continued.

For the first time in the history of Kazakhstan, the law on digital assets was adopted, aimed at creating a legal framework for the development of activity for the issuance and turnover of digital assets and digital mining in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Doing Business in Kazakhstan
The information herein is based on theoretical and practical information available as of April 2023. The content of this publication is intended for foreign businessmen and companies seeking to do business in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In particular, the brochure allows you to learn about the main forms of doing business in Kazakhstan, including a detailed comparison table of such forms, information on the tax structure, bankruptcy, and it also provides answers to the frequently asked questions for starting and doing business in Kazakhstan. Please note, however, that the legislation in the Republic of Kazakhstan is subject to frequent changes.
Issues of secured transactions and pledges of movable property
The International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group, in cooperation with the Mongolian Bank Association, has been implementing a program to enhance the supply chain finance market, especially focusing on the increase of loans and financing secured by moveable assets. For Mongolia, the "Law on Pledge of Movable Property and Intangible Property" was enacted and has been in effect since 2015 becoming one of the most frequently discussed legal relations.
Public-Private Partnership as a Legal Concept and its Features in the Civil Law of the Russian Federation and Central Asian Countries and Issues Related to Due Qualification of the Public-Private Partnership Contract
Research Institute of Private Law of Caspian University and Kazakhstan International Arbitration published the second issue of the collection of scientific papers "Actual problems of private law" edited by M.K. Suleimenov. The collection includes an article by Chikanaev Shaimerden titled "Formation and development of the institute of public-private partnership in the civil law of Central Asian countries and Russia.
New opportunities to finance the activity for the LLC
LLC is the most widespread form of legal organization for companies. The advantages of choosing this particular form are manifold. Among the best known is the easy and fast procedure of constitution, the possibility of being constituted by a single person.
Main comments regarding the ra law "on non-cash settlements" entered into force
From July 1, 2022, payment for a number of transactions, including for the alienation of goods and property, for the use of goods and property, for the performance of work and the provision of services, as well as for transactions for the payment of passive income, for obtaining or issuing a loan from organizations or individual entrepreneurs, where one of the parties is an individual, and where the transaction amount exceeds 300,000 AMD, is to be implemented in a non-cash form.
Legal Alert: Relevant procedures for virtual asset service providers have been approved
In October 2019, Mongolia was placed on the list (by the International Organization for Financial Action Task Force (FATF)) of countries having strategic deficiencies in their regimes to combat money laundering, terrorist financing, and the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. 1 year later in October 2020, it was successfully removed from the list.
US sanctions in the context of Russia's invasion of Ukraine
As a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the U.S., E.U., U.K. and their allies have implemented a broad array of sanctions and other economic measures intended to impose on Russia and its allies. The sanctions are intended to further increase the costs to Russia of prosecuting the war in Ukraine by cutting Russian acres to foreign revenue, services that could be used to evade sanctions, and finished goods and inputs used by Russian industry for military purposes.
The six packages of sanctions imposed by EU on Russian Federation
One of the instruments the EU is using to bring about changes and expert pressure on Russia to stop its military attack on Ukraine are sanctions. Sanctions are instruments of foreign policy and are based on Article 29 of the Treaty of the European Union.