GRATA International held the online Labour Law Conference

On 8-10 December 2020, the firm arranged the online conference 'Labour Law Issues: Practical cases' for Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The conference was held through ZOOM platform both in Russian and English.

The first session (on 8 December 2020) was moderated by  Igor Stepanov, Managing Partner, Rostov-on-Don. The session covered:

The first session is available here→

The second session (on 9 December 2020) was moderated by Marina Kolesnikova, Counsel, GRATA International Almaty. The session covered:

The second session is available here→

The third session (on 10 December 2020) was moderated by Sofia Roinishvili, Partner, GRATA International Georgia. The session covered:

The third session is available here→

During each session, there were quite interesting questions from the audience. Thank you for the opportunity to share your experience.

GRATA International expresses its deep gratitude to the speakers and moderators, as well as the audience for the active involvement!

We look forward to greeting you again at our next events!

Bolormaa Volodya
Байланыстар: Bolormaa Volodya
Лауазымы: Partner
Орналасқан орны:
Ulaanbaatar, Монгол
Igor Stepanov
Байланыстар: Igor Stepanov
Лауазымы: Managing Partner, Attorney at law
Орналасқан орны:
Ростов-на-Дону, Ресей
Sofia Roinishvili
Байланыстар: Sofia Roinishvili
Лауазымы: Partner
Орналасқан орны:
Tbilisi, Грузия
Bahodur Nurov
Байланыстар: Bahodur Nurov
Лауазымы: Senior Associate
Орналасқан орны:
Dushanbe, Тәжікстан
Marina Kolesnikova
Байланыстар: Marina Kolesnikova
Лауазымы: Counsel
Орналасқан орны:
Алматы, Қазақстан
Әрқашан соңғы ақпаратты алу үшін жаңалықтар таратылымымызға жазылыңыз.: