"Moldovagaz" through its subsidiary "Transavtogaz" will continue to develop its presence on the gas motor fuel market of Moldova

The Chairman of the Board of "Moldovagaz" said this in an interview with the "Eurasia. Expert". Speaking about the priority tasks facing the Moldovagaz company in 2021, he noted that there are many such tasks, and they are ambitious.

“First of all, it is necessary to complete the implementation of the EU's Third Energy Package. It envisages ensuring the financial and legal independence of the Moldovatransgaz gas transportation company, which should guarantee equal access to the system for all market participants, including regional traders, "Vadim Ceban emphasized.

According to him, the process of creating a separate enterprise Moldovagaz-delivery, which will be responsible for relations with household consumers, has practically been completed. Among the priorities, he named the merger of 12 existing gas distribution companies into 1, on the basis of Chisinau Gas.

“This will allow introducing unified management approaches, as well as leveling the distribution tariff and abandoning the practice of cross-subsidizing,” the head of Moldovagaz said. He noted that last year the budget for the expansion of gas distribution networks was tripled, and in total it was possible to lay over 130 km of the gas pipeline. "For 2021-2022 the tasks are broader - over 500 km of a new gas pipeline will be built. Of these, 150 km fall to the share of inter-settlement networks, which will allow gas to be supplied to many villages and begin their gasification. This is the first time such a project has been implemented in Moldova over the past decades, ” Vadim Ceban said.

He called the strategic goal of the company to ensure the energy security of Moldova through uninterrupted supplies of natural gas. “We coped with this task with dignity last year, despite the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic for the gas industry and the economy in general, and I am sure that it will be so in the future,” said the Chairman of the Board of Moldovagaz. 

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