In Uzbekistan the right to lease forest lands shall be granted through auction

In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On Amendments and Additions to the Regulation on the Procedure of Granting of Land Leases of the State Forest Fund” No.50 dated February 3, 2021 (hereinafter – the “Resolution No.50”), the right to lease a land plot of the Forest Fund shall be sold through auction.

The Resolution No.50 is supplemented by a model contract for the lease of land of the State Forest Fund. Also, the procedure for issuing and conditions of leasing provided in the Resolution No.50 applies to the unused land of the forest fund. Such land may be granted to physical and legal persons under an investment treaty or PPP for a period of not less than 3 years and not more than 49 years.

The annual rent was halved to 10 BCV (Basic Calculation Value (BCV) equals to UZS 245 000) per hectare of forest land.

Rental income is now recorded in a separate account. These funds were previously allocated to the Forestry Development Fund General Account. This decision will help to concretize funding for the establishment of new forest areas.

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