Dragon Oil Introduces Environmentally Friendly Hydrocarbon Production In Turkmenistan

Ali Rashid Al Jarwan, CEO of Dragon Oil, has announced the company's transition to zero gas flaring in Turkmenistan by 2027, making their hydrocarbon extraction work environmentally friendly, official Turkmen media reports.

"We currently use 70 percent of the gas we produce, but in three years, we hope to reach the 100 percent mark, making our hydrocarbon production work for Turkmenistan environmentally friendly," Ali Rashid Al Jarwan remarked.

Dragon Oil, an Emirati company, has recently completed the 3D scanning of the field in cooperation with their partner Türkmennebit (Turkmen Oil). This scanning process enables a more precise definition of deposit contours and accurate placement of drilling points.

The company's CEO has expressed that a series of constructive discussions have occurred recently.

The CEO of Dragon Oil also mentioned that several fruitful negotiations have taken place recently. Since 2000, Dragon Oil has been actively operating in Turkmenistan under a Production Sharing Agreement. Their primary focus is hydrocarbon production in the Cheleken contract area in the Caspian Sea, explicitly developing the Jeytun and Jigalybeg oil fields. The total investment by Dragon Oil in this project has exceeded $8 billion.


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