GRATA International is recognized as Law Firm of the Year by AIFC Legal Awards 2024

We are happy to share that GRATA International has been honored with the title of "Law Firm of the Year" at the AIFC Legal Awards 2024 for the exemplary delivery of legal services and dedication to upholding the principles of the legal profession.

The event, set to be the focal point of the legal and business industry calendar in the Astana International Financial Centre, took place on February 8, 2024.

This is a premier event in the region providing a unique platform for companies and individuals within the legal sector to expand their networks and share valuable insights gained from their experiences in the AIFC.

The highlight of the event was the award ceremony, where outstanding licensed law firms and legal advisers were recognized for their contributions to the AIFC legal landscape.

GRATA International's achievement as Law Firm of the Year underscores our commitment to providing clients with outstanding services within the AIFC.

We express our sincere gratitude to the AIFC Legal Services Board for such recognition and for our productive cooperation.

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