Supplementary regulation for a license granting: determination of documentation for licensing

The new Law on Licensing acts since January 1, 2023, which caused the need to adopt a Government resolution regulating the procedural issues of licensing. It defines the documents required to obtain a license, the requirements for the documents depending on the type of licensed activity, and the confirmation of granting the license. 

To obtain a license, an applicant must submit a set of documents:

  • an application for a license, 
  • a legalised extract from the commercial register of the country of establishment (if the applicant is a foreign company), 
  • a bill confirming the payment of the state duty, 
  • a copy of the document establishing or determining the status of the separate division which will carry out the licensed activity.

At the same time, there is an addition to the general package of documents for each licensed activity. For example, companies intending to carry out carriage services must provide information on lorries, proof of ownership of at least one lorry, a document on the financial condition of the organisation that will carry out international road haulage, a copy of the order appointing the person responsible for the organisation and performance of road haulage and proof of their level of professional training. 

The confirmation of the decision to grant the license is a printed license form from the General Register of Licenses. This document is granted upon an application submitted in person or by mail. However, the printed license form is used for informing: the state authorities get the details from the General Register of Licenses.


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