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The freedom of expression versus the right to privacy - considerations
As an essential attribute of democracy, freedom of expression is legitimised through a range of both national and international instruments. In the European Convention on Human Rights (hereinafter - the Convention) this concept was reinforced in Article 10.
Legal and Regulatory Considerations for launching a Biometric Authentication Service in Moldova
Biometric authentication, a method of utilizing unique physical characteristics to verify one's identity, has seen growing adoption in various sectors, with significant implications for financial services. In this article, we delve into the legal and regulatory landscape surrounding the introduction of a Biometric Authentication Service in the Republic of Moldova
Proposed Amendments to the Law on Information Technology Parks in Moldova
The Ministry of Economic Development and Digitalization, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, has recently opened a public consultation on the Draft Law for amending Law No. 77/2016 concerning information technology parks. This proposed legislative change holds significant importance, particularly within the business community.
Tax control and appealing its results in Moldova
The need to know the types and/or forms of tax control is important for legal entities. It is very important for the party under verification to know its rights and obligations as a taxpayer in the event of a tax audit. Failure to comply with them can result either in the violation of rights, or in the application of coercive measures by the control authorities (by applying fines, stopping operations on company’s bank accounts, etc.). On the other hand, the taxpayer’s very good knowledge of his rights can help to avoid abuse by the authorities.
Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and foreign arbitral awards in Moldova
The purpose of each arbitration court, the same as the purpose of judicial instances, is dispute resolution with the adoption of a valid and performable decision. Deducting that every state is independent and sovereign, we can’t impose a foreign law on a state, in order to perform or enforce on its territory foreign judicial decisions.
Developing Distance Businesses in the Republic of Moldova: Understanding the Law for Amending Certain Normative Acts
The Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses worldwide to adopt digital tools to continue their operations while maintaining social distancing measures. The Republic of Moldova is no exception, as the government is currently working on a draft law for amending certain normative acts to promote the development of distance businesses in the country. In this article, we'll take a closer look at this initiative, the rationale behind it, and the proposed changes to the normative acts.
Advertising and promotion of medicines and medical products
GRATA International’s specialists of the Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare sector released the product on “Advertising and promotion of medicines and medical products” in the following countries: Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan.
How to register a trademark in the Republic of Moldova?
The State Agency on Intellectual Property (hereinafter AGEPI) is the national office in the field of intellectual property protection and the only authority that, on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, ensures the protection of trademarks under the conditions of Law no. 38 of 29.02.2008 on the protection of trademarks (hereinafter Law no. 38/2008).
Rail transport in the Republic of Moldova
The main law for conducting railway carriage service is the Railway Transport Code of the Republic of Moldova. The current Railway Transport Code of the Republic of Moldova is in effect until 18/02/2024. On 18/02/2024 the current code will be repealed and at the same time the new railway transport code of the Republic of Moldova will enter into force
Local laws and regulations governing Road Carriage Services and truck forwarders(expedition) in Moldova
In January-September 2022, Moldova’s road transport enterprises, which have a preponderance in the structure of transported goods (79.8%), transported 11.8 million tons of goods, 6.1% more compared to the same period of the previous year. The share of goods transported by road transport in the total volume of goods transported by this mode of transport in the city of Chisinau constituted 46.6%, the development regions Center – 28.8%, North – 15.3%, South – 5.8% and UTA Gagauzia – 3.5%.