• Advised on various commercial agreements including equipment sale and purchase agreement, service agreement, consulting service agreement, repair and maintenance service agreement, distribution agreement, office and workshop leasing agreement, subcontractor agreement, hire agreement, mediation agreement etc; and
  • Drafted debt transfer agreements for ZTE and its customers.


  • Advised on article of association on matter of shareholder change, director’s competence change, address change, registered capital change etc;
  • Advised and registered share transfer transactions of the information technology, construction, foreign trading, English training service provider etc;
  • Drafted legal memo on incorporation of legal entity and rep office in Mongolia;
  • Advised on legal requirement and need of environmental impact assessment report;
  • Advised on medicinal/pharmaceuticals advertising law of Mongolia;
  • Advised on personal, organizational privacy laws of Mongolia;
  • Advised and revised corporate anti-corruption policy;
  • Advised on fraud case of the Executive director of the company;
  • Advised on cosmetic and beauty products’ labeling and packing requirements;
  • Advised on how to prevent conflict of interest in public procurement;
  • Advised on franchising regulation in Mongolia;
  • Incorporated foreign company’s representative office in Mongolia in pharmaceuticals, lab equipment trading, heavy mining equipment manufacturer etc;
  • Advised on sale of assets and its regulation for cross-border transaction; and
  • Issued due diligence report on telecommunications licensee local company.

Merger and Acquisitions

  • Advised and registered share transfer transactions of the information technology, construction, foreign trading, English training service provider etc;
  • Drafted share transfer related documents agreement, shareholder resolution, shareholders meeting resolution and advised on transaction;and
  • Advised on merger in strategic sector in Mongolia.

 Subsoil Use

  • Advised on starting business in Mongolia in petroleum production project;
  • Advised on incorporation of bitum production project;
  • Advised on acquisition of copper-bearing technogenic mineral formations (tailings);
  • Drafted and issued due diligence report of mining companies;
  • Drafted shareholders agreement, share transfer agreement and rights transfer agreement of foreign invested limited liability company in mining sector.

Real Estate

  • Advised on land transfer transaction between companies; and
  • Advised and extended land possession title.


  • Drafted employment agreement for various position;
  • Drafted Executive Director’s resolution to hire, promote, dismiss and other employment terms change;
  • Drafted mass redundancy related documents and advised the employer;
  • Represented the employer on labor dispute with employee and mediated the case;
  • Represented the employer on court hearing on labor dispute;
  • Drafted hire agreement for short term position;
  • Drafted confidentiality agreement with the employee and customer;
  • Advised on quote of expatriate employees for Construction Company;
  • Advised on immigration related matters to multinational Pharmaceuticals company;
  • Advised on various operations and management team related internal procedures of Laboratory service provider and Mining maintenance service provider;
  • Advised on various question on donation, gift, benefits for government officials;
  • Advised on Employer liability and accident insurance agreement and Health insurance agreement; and
  • Advised on supply of expatriate staffs to mining project in Mongolia.


  • Drafted detailed legal memorandum on taxation;
  • Advised on specific question on corporate income tax, personal income tax, VAT and custom duties;
  • Advised on VAT application for relations between a non-resident taxpayer and resident taxpayer;
  • Advised on personal income taxation of Mongolia for cross-border earnings to international financial advisory service provider; and
  • Advised on VAT application for sale of assets under cross-border transaction.

 Intellectual Property

  • Advised on trademark protection procedure in Mongolia;
  • Drafted cease letter for protecting P&G trademark owner interest;
  • Registered various trademarks in Mongolia; and
  • Registered the licensing agreement of Oriflame Head Company and its Mongolian subsidiary.
  • Advised Multinational Corporation on launching TV application service in Mongolia in terms of copyright content.

Data protection

  • Advised Multinational Corporation on launching TV application service in Mongolia in terms of licensing, personal information protection.

Dispute Resolution

  • Represented the lender during mediation and debt collection proceeding;
  • Represented Service provider for payment dispute with the Client and successfully executed Reconciliation agreement; and
  • Represented the corporate clients on various commercial contract related disputes under civil court proceedings etc.

License and Permits

  • Assisted on obtaining toxic chemical license on importing and using in Mongolia;
  • Assisted on obtaining workplace and toxic chemical storage permission;
  • Assisted on bringing expatriate employees, obtained expat worker’s permission and residence permit etc;
  • Advised on tobacco product packing requirements;
  • Advised on obtaining whole sale and retailer license of tobacco product in Mongolia ;
  • Advised multinational corporation on Wi-Fi Express related licenses and requirements under Mongolian legislations;
  • Advised on virtual currency regulation in Mongolia;
  • Advised on taxi service regulation in Mongolia; and
  • Advised on e-money regulation in Mongolia.