Antitrust law is one of the core practices of GRATA International. Our lawyers are acknowledged experts in the field of competition law.

Firm’s antitrust practice has a unique geographical coverage. GRATA International’s offices in 22 countries work closely on cross-border projects providing our clients, international companies, with competition and antitrust law expertise in several countries of a vast region.   

We have represented our clients in numerous investigations of antitrust authorities and in litigations on the matters of competition. We have a unique experience of successfully representing the client in the Eurasian Economic Commission’s investigation into prohibited subsidy.

GRATA International has obtained dozens of merger clearance for the major international transactions.

We have a significant experience in reviewing commercial contracts and policies for compliance with antitrust legislation.  Experience of our lawyers includes many projects which involved drafting and analysing distribution contracts and dealer contracts of world’s largest companies.

We take pride in the fact that major transnational corporations choose GRATA International as their permanent legal advisor in representing them on the antitrust matters.


  • Obtaining merger and concerted actions clearance;
  • Assisting clients during the Antitrust Authority’s inspections and investigations, appealing orders of the Antitrust Authority;
  • Advising on the unfair competition, anticompetitive agreements and abuse of dominant position;
  • Representation of business entities in obtaining state aid;
  • Representation in competition-related dispute resolution;
  • Analysing contracts, policies and other documents for compliance with the competition law;
  • Antitrust audit and compliance: inspections of businesses for compliance with competition law, development of internal documents and implementation of internal compliance procedures, training of employees, and etc.;
  • Advising on natural monopolies and tariff regulation;
  • Advising on state procurement;
  • Advising on competition aspects related to product distribution and manufacturing;
  • Advising on the antitrust law matters of the Eurasian Economic Union;
  • Representing our Clients in the matters of violation of the competition rules on cross-border markets reviewed by the Eurasian Economic Commission;
  • Representing our Clients in investigations of the Eurasian Economic Commission on the matters of prohibited subsidies;
  • Seminars and trainings on the matters of antitrust regulation.


Pravo 300, 2020, II group
Pravo 300, 2020, II group
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