Today, at a time when tax legislation is subject to frequent and continuous changes, it is quite hard to monitor all tax legislation updates. At the same time, the vast scope of tax legislation, its complexity and ambiguity of its definitions can pose a challenge to companies and put their business at risk.

GRATA International can provide assistance and guide you through intricacies of tax legislation, identify existing and potential risks, and find solutions to mitigate them.

Our experts have expertise in various areas, such as subsoil use, investment projects, financial transactions, M&As, and corporate structuring. We monitor not only legislative changes but also current economic and political events in the country and worldwide. Undoubtedly, these events influence legislative changes and tracking them enables us to provide accurate, timely and effective advice. 

GRATA International’s tax team includes tax lawyers and auditors who have experience of working for tax authorities.


  • Withhоlding Tax Refund;
  • VАT Refund from the State Budget;
  • Cоrporate Taxation;
  • Tax Support and Structure in M&A Transactions;
  • Tax Investment Preferences and Tax Planning;
  • International structuring of business;
  • Performance of legal review on the taxation;
  • Taxation of bank and financial transactions;
  • Tаxation of Subsoil Users;
  • Taxation of non-residents;
  • Taxation of individuals;
  • Tаx Due Diligence (Tax Audit) with the provision of a report and recommendations to minimize tax risks;
  • Analysis of financial and economic activity of the company, identifying crisis states and their causes, development and support of financial recovery plan, bringing the perpetrators to justice for damages;
  • Financial investigations, detection of fraud schemes and asset search;
  • Representation and protection of interests during tax audits and disputes;
  • Support of field tax audits (FTAs), preparation of responses to the requirements of the tax authorities;
  • Clarification of norms of Russian criminal law and procedure of bringing to criminal responsibility for tax crimes;
  • Representation of interests in criminal cases of tax crimes.



Legal 500 EMEA 2021, Tier 1
Legal 500 EMEA 2021, Tier 1
Pravo 300, 2021, II group
Pravo 300, 2021, II group
Legal 500, Tier 1, 2020, Tax Lawyers
Legal 500, Tier 1, 2020, Tax Lawyers
Once again, GRATA's tax lawyers maintain their top position in the rankings. The team was praised for assisting clients on a variety of complex issues, including tax and customs control issues and the protection of interests during disputes
Legal 500, Tier 1, 2018-2019, Tax lawyers
Legal 500, Tier 1, 2018-2019, Tax lawyers
GRATA's Tax lawyers team of GRATA International is 'responsive and provides clear and complete analysis', underpinned by a 'deep knowledge of local legislation'.
Pravo 300, 2020, II group
Pravo 300, 2020, II group
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