Our Mining lawyers have over 30 years of experience providing full legal support to mining companies.

Our lawyers understand the industry and constantly monitor market trends. We can advise clients to bring an industry-focused approach and guide them through the legal commodities market. We know how mining works from technical and operational to legal sides. Our highly qualified lawyers are dedicated to resolving legal issues at any stage of the cycle.

Services we provide include:

  • Legal support in obtaining subsoil use rights.
  • Advice on subsoil use contracts.
  • Structuring of mining transactions.
  • Advising on new provisions of the Subsoil use code.
  • M&A in subsoil projects: legal due diligence, drafting sale and purchase agreements, transfer of assets, obtaining waiver in purchasing subsoil objects from state authorities.
  • Legal support in creation and operation of joint ventures.
  • Environmental audit and litigation.
  • State control and regulation: legal advice and representation.
  • Taxation and tax dispute: audit and litigation.
  • Transfer pricing: export structuring, audit, litigation.
  • Joint venture agreement.
  • Dispute resolution and much more.
《Asialaw Profiles》,杰出,2016-2019
《Asialaw Profiles》,杰出,2016-2019