Join our top-class team
Join our top-class team
Join our top-class team

Legal professionals are not GRATA International’s only valuable asset. We value our hard-working and passionate administrative team highly. Our business professionals offer a wide range of services to lawyers in marketing, human resources, billing and accounting.

We are looking for enthusiastic candidates to work across borders and cultures to sustain the ongoing growth of the firm.’

We are looking for people who are interested in working internationally with our offices worldwide.

Join our Global Team

We are looking for people who are interested to work internationally with our offices Worldwide.

The administrative team consists of the HR team, office dministration, billing, marketing, accounting, IT and web development. Every department provides a wide range of services to support offices across borders.

GRATA International supports talented and skilful professionals by nourishing professional development, knowledge management and offering a welcoming corporate culture.

We are looking for additions to our administrative team, who are strong in their field, innovative, creative and capable of taking initiatives. As a member of our team, you will be working with the best legal professionals on the most challenging projects by supporting their decision-making with your expertise.

We are excited to invite you to join our Global teams in:

  • Human resources
  • Billing
  • Office administration
  • Marketing
  • Accounting 
  • IT and web development

We are looking for candidates who are ready to bring their valuable and innovative ideas into processes, who believe in continuous improvement, and who possess excellency.

We celebrate diversity in individuals and aim to create a corporate culture where talents and outstanding personalities can flourish.
We empower and encourage our team to take initiatives and foster creativity and innovation in the operational processes of GRATA International.
Corporate culture
Our corporate culture cultivates teamwork, talent development and excellence. Our administrative team is strong, tight-knit and trustworthy in providing a great service to our customers.
Maira, Business Development Manager
Maira, Business Development Manager
Work for GRATA International opens an avenue for my professional growth and skills improvement. This work provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with professionals and gain invaluable experience in various fields.
The company pays great attention to the comfort of employees. The office is located in a picturesque foothill area with fresh mountain air. I am glad to be part of the GRATA International.
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