Once again, we reaffirm that GRATA International is fully committed to operate in Ukraine for a long time. For our international clients and for us this is a strategic market with huge economic potential.  Despite the current global crisis caused by the pandemic, this country continues its sustainable course towards positive political and economic reforms.  

Having previous experience of cooperation with law firms in Ukraine, we have adjusted our approach and announce the creation of a fully integrated office! 

GRATA International Ukraine is established in cooperation with our Ukrainian partners, Mr. Valeriy Savva and Mr. Mykola Aleksiuk. The expertise of our colleagues was gained in Ukraine’s leading law firms. They have personally carried out over 350 projects in various areas, including such projects as: assisting in several restructuring s of Alpha Group (Borjomi, Alpha Insurance, LetterOne, A1), including acquisition of Bank of Cyprus by Alpha Bank, advising and providing full assistance to EBRD in its financing transactions with Ukrainian businesses and foreing capital banks, providing transactional support to PZU international insurance company in its acquisition of insurance companies across Eastern Europe, representing AB Achema in special investigation of nitrogen fertilizers imports into Ukraine and others. 

Mr. Akhmetzhan Abdullayev, Member of the Global Board of GRATA International

"The many lawyers’ careers there are moments when they try to find, adjust or even change their long-term professional development path. Having acquired vast amounts of experience and expertise, many lawyers wish to open their own shop, start their own firm. In moments like this, it is very important to not let the arising difficulties discourage them from their desire. We are extremely glad that we met our team in Kyiv in exactly such a special moment for them.

The uniqueness of our offering is based on the opportunity for ambitious teams of international lawyers to start their own practice under the GRATA International brand. This lets them benefit from the advantages of a larger organisation, while maintaining their flexibility in managing their office and forgoing the painful growth experience. Right from the start, we provide our clients with a proper level of quality of GRATA International’s services and we believe in the great success of our office in Ukraine".

Mr. Mikola Aleksiuk, Partner of GRATA International in Ukraine

"We are profoundly glad to join GRATA International’s team. We are impressed by systematic approach, innovativeness and desire of our colleagues to develop new markets in such difficult times. We have set a high bar for our services and hope that the advantages of a well-structured company will only improve the service quality for our clients. We are confident that constant growth, teamwork and the ability to solve complex problems of our clients will drive the rapid development of GRATA International’s office in Ukraine".

Key Contacts

Mykola Aleksiuk
Partner, Head of Litigation and Antitrust practices
+38 050 932 62 19
Valeriy Savva
Partner, Head of Banking and Finance, Corporate and Contract law practices
+38 098 411 66 11
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