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We would like to share the wonderful news that associate office Popa&Associates had changed its status and became a fully integrated office of GRATA International law firm.

In 2010, with 3 partners and 17 lawyers, Popa & Associates became one of the largest law firms in Moldova.

Professional lawyers, who are the biggest asset of our Moldovan office, will continue their successful work and contribute to the firm’s development by becoming an essential part of GRATA International’s network. 

Many years of experience of our colleagues will maintain high-quality service on the territory of Moldova.

Igor Popa will head the office in Chisinau. Igor combines the functions of managing the firm with active involvement in projects of his team. With 18 years of experience in assisting foreign investors in Moldova, Igor possesses in-depth expertise of the local legal market.

Aidar Sarymsakov, Member of GRATA International’s Global Board:

“I’m extremely proud that after a successful period of association, during which we synchronised internal management processes and quality standards, the parties made the right decision to fully integrate Popa & Associates into GRATA International’s family (Swiss Verein). From this moment, Popa & Associates, a brand name well respected in Moldova and other countries, transforms into GRATA Moldova and opens a new page in the history of one of the leading firms in Moldova”.

Igor Popa, Senior Partner, GRATA International in Moldova:

“We are taking the globalization route by merging with larger counterparts. This trend in expansion is being driven by the automation of legal processes and new technology tools.

Our Clients - multinational companies need legal advisors who can assist with day-to-day activities as well as corporate life events across many jurisdictions around the globe.

We believe that this integration will build a great Synergy - the combined value and performance of POPA & Associates and GRATA will be in the benefit of our clients and our colleagues.

All Law Firms integrated with GRATA International are committed to worldwide compliance with the highest quality standards in the provision of services for international clients.

To meet the growing client’s requests, we will hire new lawyers in the following practice area’s: Merger & Acquisitions, Banking & Finance and International Taxation”.

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