Жарияланымдар бойынша іздеу
Реклама и продвижение лекарственных средств и медицинских изделий
Ведущие специалисты юридической фирмы GRATA International в рамках отрасли “Фармацевтика и здравоохранение” подготовили материал на тему “Реклама и продвижение лекарственных средств и медицинских изделий” в странах: Беларусь, Грузия, Казахстан, Молдова, Монголия и Узбекистан.
Borrowers in Moldova Impacted By Coronavirus. Are you ready?
Moldovan state banking regulators issued only statements instructing financial institutions how to work with clients impacted by COVID-19/coronavirus and avoid contamination but nothing about: how to get ready for potential events of default?
Why do you need to ensure compliance with the competition rules?
It’s known that the management of each company must exercise effective supervision over the implementation of the compliance program with the competition laws. Competition violations can take various forms, and they can be made in very different circumstances. Not only written agreements may be illegal, but also verbal agreements or concerted practices. Surprising is the fact that even the mere presence in a context in which exchanges of information, discussions or anticompetitive offers take place can expose the company to the risk of applying a penalty by the Competition Council.
Acquisition Finance
Acquisition financing is the funding a company uses specifically for the purpose of acquiring another company.
Investment in FEZ of Moldova through Project finance
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E-residency in Estonia - an affordable service for Moldovan entrepreneurs
Igor Popa, a Senior partner at the Popa & Associates, the associate office of GRATA International in Moldova, spoke in an interview with BizLaw about the opportunities of the E-residency service in Estonia for Moldovan entrepreneurs.