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London is a global financial centre. It is home to a number of international, financial institutions and businesses including some of the world’s leading law firms.

Considerable inward investment into Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the Russian Federation and other former states of the Soviet Union, is orchestrated from London. A corollary of this is that a number of leading companies in those regions not only raise finance from the financial institutions operating in London, but also look to obtain market quotations for their shares through IPOs and private placements on the London Stock Exchange including on the junior market, AIM.
London’s importance has been enhanced by the fact that English law is the legal system of preference for international transactions. Not only does this mean that international deals are structured and closed in the City but that the law firms based there are actively involved. Another consequence is that dispute resolution often occurs in the English courts or the LCIA which is based in London.
In recognition of the importance of London in the global economy, and particularly those markets in which GRATA International and its associates have their offices, GRATA International has from its inception ensured that it has representatives on the ground in London. This enables GRATA International to co-ordinate effectively the work which involves its offices and clients and the international players in London. It also enables Grata to stay abreast of developments in the international markets generally.
GRATA International representatives are always available for meetings and consultations in London itself and during London business hours. 

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