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Dimitri Papadopoulos, Representative, Executive Director of the Global Board GRATA International:

“The friendship with Tlek Baigabulov is still very fresh, but nevertheless we both have the feeling that we have known each other for many years. Therefore, I am convinced that our friendship is the best basis for collaboration. When I was in Almaty I had the opportunity to meet in person many members of GRATA's team in Almaty, and I have not only been impressed by their professionalism but also by their warm hospitality. All this and joining our forces, makes us stronger and more efficient in this fast changing world". 

On March 2018  a Swiss Verein registered in Switzerland. 

The association operates according to the «Swiss Verein» model used by international best practices. All members of the International Association of GRATA work under the status of an associated or integrated office.

GRATA International provides customers with access to an entire network of offices with a professional team, extensive legal experience and fundamental knowledge of the business environment in each country of its presence, providing a reliable basis for clients to receive quality services.


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