Healthcare system is one of the world’s largest and fast-growing domains, and due to its vital importance for humankind, in pursuit of solutions, it is subject to changing regulations.

With our capabilities at GRATA International, we understand the business and legal specialties that pharmaceutical and healthcare companies face daily, such as adherence to government regulations, consideration of local and international tax and customs regulations, all types of commercial issues including antitrust compliance, parallel importation practice, labor matters, intellectual property and data protection, and other key issues.

Our knowledge of the local business environment and clear understanding of practical challenges and needs help us to be truly adding value for our clients at all stages of the projects, providing them with viable and legally robust solutions.

  • Ethical promotion of the medicines;
  • IP rights protection;
  • Antitrust and Competition;
  • Pricing;
  • Localization of manufacturing;
  • Investments negotiations;
  • PPP structuring;
  • Personal data protection;
  • Employment relations;
  • Taxation;
  • Customs regulations;
  • Dispute resolution.

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