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GRATA International, a global network of independent law firms with leaders in their jurisdictions and united under a single brand, opens a representative desk in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

This decision was driven by the success of the German economy, the world’s fifth-largest economy and the biggest economy of Europe.

Expanding Association’s borders, representative Igor Popa will be a key contact of GRATA International on the German market.

Igor Popa, Senior Partner: “Frankfurt am Main is the financial center of the European Union, and home to the European Central Bank, the German stock exchange, and to the branches of foreign central banks. Having a leading position in the finance sector, Frankfurt am Main offers wide opportunities in business, investment, and research, making it even a more attractive location for business activities after Brexit.

According to Deutsche Bundesbank, Germany’s primary outward foreign direct investment is growing considerably reaching €1,167 billion. In the opposite direction, inward foreign direct investment in Germany is achieving a high value of €741 billion. Opening a Grata Representative office in Frankfurt will bring the communication between German market and markets around the world on a new level and will expand our business recognition.

Being closer to our German clients will enable us to establish relationships based on trust and to better understand our Clients’ need. On the other hand, our German presence is key to promoting the business operations of our existing and potential Grata clients in the German market”.

Key contacts
Senior Partner
Chisinau, Молдав
Frankfurt on Main, Germany
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